Summer is Road Construction Season!

July 2017




Trust me I hate road traffic as much as the next person. It seems that no matter what route you decide to take on any particular day you are met with construction.

Please remember to slow down! That is someone’s work area. Someone who has a home and a family to return to at the end of the day. Five extra minutes in your commute is not that big of a deal in the big scheme of things.

I thought this article (originally published on was interesting and wanted to share:

Picture this: it's a Thursday afternoon and you're ready to check out for a long weekend of barbecue and beer. On your way home from work, you get stuck in a line of traffic midst construction. Your turn is coming up, but you've already waited four light cycles and it's turning red again. Just beyond the construction cones is your freedom with no workers ahead, just cones. Do you cut in between and make the turn?

Thomas Shafer, a city engineer for Lincoln, states that "the driver is going to be responsible for the repairs, not the tax payers. A contractor estimated the damages at more than $10,000. This cost would cover removing the vehicle, removing the damage concrete, then pouring and finishing new concrete."


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Just remember to slow down, and always pay attention in construction zones, you might just save a life and your car. 

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