Lead by Example


May 2017


“Sometimes supervisors think that everything’s fine- nobody’s bringing any problems to them. The little slogan, ‘No problem is a problem’- if people aren’t bringing issues, then they are not engaged. There’s always something to talk about in terms of reducing risks, it’s part of the role the supervisor to encourage people to speak up.” Dr. Peter Strahlendorf.

As a supervisor it is your job to make sure the workers you supervise not only understand the Company’s health and safety expectations but that they live up to them.  The level of commitment to health and safety that you exhibit to your workers will help inspire their level of commitment to staying healthy and safe on the job.

As a supervisor, you must LEAD BY EXAMPLE at all times. ALWAYS demonstrate a positive attitude towards health and safety and good related habits. Show up on site wearing all personal protective equipment you want your workers to wear.

 By showing your commitment to the health and safety program you are helping to create a safety culture where all levels of the company are equally committed to safety.



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