Attitude and Safety

April 2017

As a safety officer, I need to identify trends and come up with reasons why incidents happen, and more importantly how they can be prevented in the future. One of the things I noticed early on is a direct correlation between attitude and safety.




Have you ever noticed that people with a positive attitude tend to be more happy in all aspects of their life, and more successful? The same goes for safety.

If you maintain a positive attitude towards safety, and your work life in general, it’s been proven that you will be more productive and go home safe at the end of the day. It’s a win-win!

Safety rules are meant to protect you from harm, not cause undue hardship. If a co-worker mentions that something you may be doing is unsafe don’t meet them with defensiveness and anger, but instead be thankful that your unsafe behavior was brought to your attention before someone got hurt.

What is your attitude towards safety?


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